The more I learn about the Jews, the more they disgust me. Are they a tribe of two-legged hemorrhoids?

How ironic (or not) that the most wretched mob of people on the planet can’t be criticized. Speak the simple truth or ask the wrong question, and they’ll tar and feather you, likely labeling you an “anti-Semite,” whatever that is. They can ruin your reputation and career. In some countries, anti-Jewism can even get you thrown in prison. In the U.S., the bastards have given us the “cancel culture” and are trying to scuttle the First Amendment.

The more the Jews tell me to shut up, the more I want to say “Fuck you!” And so, I created not one but several websites that broadcast the truth about the Jews, which is another way of saying fuck the Jews.

Adolf Hitler was right about the Jews, though he badly botched his accountability program. Instead of deporting Jews from Germany, he should have taken a cue from the Zionists who would later falsely accuse Hitler of orchestrating a “Holocaust.” You know, the Zionists who have been carrying out a genocidal campaign against Palestinians for three quarters of a century. Apparently, Htiler was too nice.