Wow, have you been following current events? The news is increasingly spelled J-E-W-S, not surprising since Jews control the media.

Jews also control both the Republican and Democratic parties, which helps explain why the U.S. increasingly looks like a colony of Israel. And have you noticed that conspiracies seem to be increasingly common, bigger and more bizarre? Could there be a connection?

Jew Flu
Jew Flu has been targeted by Google and the media, but it’s still protected by free speech, even if they want to pretend it’s untruthful or doesn’t even exist.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think about 9/11, the almost unbelievable legacy of Donald Trump, and the coronavirus pandemic. Surely you’ve noticed a lot of headlines that make you scratch your head.

To cut to the chase, I’ve begun working on a series of books and websites that shine a light on Jewarchy, a word I coined for the almost unbelievable corruption in the Jewish community, from Zionism to Jewish bankers to pedophiles.

My first website in this series was Jewarchy. My first book, published last summer, is Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy. Later this year (2021), I’ll be publishing Jews 101, which complements my website Jews 101.

Jew Cup focuses on the amazing conspiracies associated with the premier global sporting event, the quadrennial World Cup soccer games.

Most of my other Jew-focused websites (listed below) are currently clones of each other, awaiting further development. They’ll evolve in parallel with the various books I’ll be publishing over the next few years.

Since Jews are major players on the global political scene and are virtually synonymous with corruption, conspiracy and sleaze, they are discussed in virtually all of my political projects, which you can explore at the link below.

The Jews are up to their eyeballs in conspiracy. Speaking of which, Conspiracy Science is scheduled for publication in 2022, with Jews 101 expected to be released later in the year.

Two books about Jews.

Jew Flu is available at a cost of $10 in three formats.

If you plan on reading it on a Kindle, then choose the Kindle version. If you don’t have a Kindle, you will probably want the Epub 2.0 version, which should work for your iBooks, Nook and Kobo readers.

If you prefer to view Jew Flu as a PDF file, then choose that option.

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Thanks for visiting, and don’t be afraid to challenge the Jew World Order. The very survival of our planet is at stake.

David W. Blomstrom, January 15, 2021

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